Conversational sample sentences Title is "Meeting for the first time"

There are two people who
meet for the first time each other.
Akane greet Bob.

Akane: Hi, I'm Akane.
           It's nice to meet you.
Bob: Nice to meet you too,I'm Bob.
Akane: So, Where are you from?
Bob: I'm from Ashiya.
        It's pretty close to Kobe.
Akane: I see, tell me more. What's it like?
Bob: It is really nice! The air is clean and
        There are many things to do.
        By the way, where are you from?
Akane: Me? I'm from Tokyo.
Bob: Cool. What part?
Akane: The western part, a small city
           called Ome. It's far from downtown.
Bob: Yeah, I know it. Oh sorry, I've got to go to.
        See you.