Plant's secret power

「plant power to make oxygen」の画像検索結果

 In August of 1771, Joseph Priestley

put a small branchof the mint into

a transparent closed space with

a candle that burned out the air

until it soon went out. After 27days,

he lit the extinguished candle again

and it burned perfectly well in

the air that previously would not

support it. So Priestley proved

that plants somehow change

the composition of the air.

In another celebrated experiment

from 1772, Priestley kept a mouse

in a jar of air until it collapsed.

He found that a mouse kept with

a plant would survive. These kinds

of observations led Priestley to

offer an interesting theory that

plants restore to the air whatever

breathing animals and burning

candles remove - what was later

coined by Lavoisier "oxygen".

【 Vocabulary 】

*lit lightの過去形)